27 May 2008

a feast and a friend

Summer has come to Ljubljana and the city is gorgeous. I just want to be outside all the time. Awhile ago, I made dinner and Christina and I sat on a bench across the street to eat it. We balanced our plates, utensils and glasses of milk on our knees.

Just as we settled in, Liliana sauntered down the street. She's a friend that I met last year. It's never planned, but we run into each other pretty frequently. Every time we're both just delighted to spend time together. Liliana makes me laugh a lot, teaches me Slovene and challenges me by her generosity and genuine concern for the world.

Christina ran upstairs and got another dish of food for Liliana. We got to share our little feast with her. It was lovely, eating with Christina and Liliana.


Kathy said...

Hey Anna! When do you and Christina want to come over here for dinner? We can sit outside on my balcony but I don't think you will run into anyone you know here during dinner on the 11th floor! :-)

Amy Woodard said...

I love this story! Jesus is proud of you! So like Him to make sure you even had enough food to share! I'm proud of you!