15 December 2008

staying cozy

I recently finished the most complex project I've knit. It's amazing how many thoughts and prayers and wishes and worries and experiences went through my mind and heart as this yarn went through my fingers.

I crammed it in a flat-rate envelope and took it to the post office yesterday. Merry Christmas!


Valentyna said...

Great job! I like the color a lot!
I once knit a sweater once, but couldn't put my head through:)

It was so sad for me to find out you left to the States:( But you probably know that I left too. I am getting married in January and moving to Arizona for at least a year.
It's all your fault, i just couldn't bear being so far from you:)

Neja said...

That's pretty! You'll have to teach me how to do that Anna! One day!!

Lori Jackson said...

Wow, your skill has greatly advanced since the last project I saw. I decided to start knitting, but I am not sure I have the time that needs to be committed to it. But sure wish I did. By the way, I made the donkey.

Tanja said...

i love the color!
Good job! ...i am all fingers and thumbs:P for this kind of things:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pattern! Nice color! Great photo! Stunning model!
I love it and you!
Aunt Ann

Anonymous said...

This is incredible! Way to go with the cable stitching. Great pattern with enough pattern to catch your eye but classic in style & color. Job well done!
Andrea Pitcher

Libby said...

So pretty! I just learned how to knit. I haven't even graduated to the pearl stitch but I'm having fun! Where are you living now?