07 January 2009

i live in oregon

Yesterday I got a library card at the Canby Public Library.

I know it's a big deal to pack up my car, drive fifteen hours, move all my stuff, put my mom on the airplane, unpack my pillows, go to a new church. I know that's a big deal. But somehow the library card feels different--like I really am here now.


Libby said...

Where is Canby?! Have you gotten an Oregon driver's license? What are you doing for a job?

Neja said...

What church are you going to?

steps said...

Way to go, Anna!! Hey, the Nipomo Library left a message on the machine today. 2 new items waiting for you :)

beccafredo said...

Hooray for library cards! You're right, it does somehow feel official that you live there now. =) You go girl!