28 April 2009

stressed, uncertain and fun--three words about me

It's been almost 1.5 months since I last posted. Just a quick one today from school. I'm working hard, teaching English & Social Studies. That's stressful. I feel like my whole life revolves around the Industrial Revolution right now. (Did you know that cotton gin is short for cotton "engine"? Fascinating fact, huh?!) I roasted a chicken last night and went to a little knitting club--it was a three hour break from anything work related. That's nice. I moved to Salem. That's new. I have a new apartment. Well, it's old, but to me it's new. I'm unpacking stuff that I haven't seen since I left George Fox six years ago. That's fun!


beccafredo said...

fun to hear about you!! I'm glad you're in Salem....I'll be in Portland! And, no, I didn't know that about cotton gin...that's fun!

Mary said...


Forgive me for not knowing this before, but, you live in Salem? ORE?? Where? and where do you teach? i'm living out in S Salem.
i'll be in Serbia this summer with JV but then back to work in Salem.

Sam, Shannon and Fam said...

Hey, I actually wanted to give 2 thumbs up for A Thousand Splendid Suns and Girl Meets God... good reads!

And Salem, nice! My old hood!

Mateja said...

another thing to add to your "words about me" list- DEARLY MISSED!