20 June 2009

summer summer summer summer

I am SO happy it's summer. As a student, I had NO idea just how thrilling the first day of summer could be. NO idea. As much as school was hard this year, I've gotta say, the joy of being out of school has almost made it worth it. Almost.

Yesterday I spent like five hours sprawled on the floor under the front window reading library books. Delicious. Books that were for no particular purpose except enjoyment. Wow. And here they are:

Cuts of beef and exotic appetizers. Who knew those Spaniards had such fun cook books?

Yep. Still a teacher. I feel like I just scratched the surface of a whole world of fantastic kid literature. I loved learning about US history this year, and I was most emotionally impacted by the historical fiction kid novels that I read. A personal favorite? Day of Tears by Julius Lester, about the largest slave auction held in America.

Oops! Battery's almost dead. More later.

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Josh and Kristi said...

oh! That was a fun entry! I felt like I was chatting with you. So you! Missing you!