10 January 2011


Could we be missionaries in a foreign country before we pay off all our student loans?

Death and mourning--How to do it well? Why is it always so uncomfortable? It feels stupid.

Grandma is NINETY-EIGHT!!

Becoming a praying wife.

When do I say 'no' to something that will drain me/us and when do I say 'yes'? Not accidentally saying no to the things that are actually my top priorities.

How do I help a kid remember the sound that a letter makes?

Why do I get so distracted?

How to be a friend.

Are my five loaves and two fishes enough? Ha ha! No--of course not!

How does ongoing forgiveness fit with covering the shame fit with telling the truth?

In the process of forgiveness, how important is it that the offender ask for forgiveness?

What is a church? What do we do on Sunday?

Hurt, people and pain in the church.

Finding new recipes. Getting out of this cooking/eating rut that we're in.

When to think about money and when to not think about money?

Keeping the house on the cleaner, more inviting end of the spectrum so that it is a welcome place for us and others.

I don't need to own something to enjoy it.


Love. Hope. Victory.

He daily bears our burdens?!

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