15 January 2014

here we are

Here is my family. What a gift from God they are to me.

Now, I've not written on my blog in quite some time, nor have I posted pictures on facebook. It's been awhile and there are a number of reasons. Partly because there was a season that pictures just made me really sad. Another part is that I've been working on a big project.

But today I am posting and we are all here and Sophia is the cutest she's ever been. Her smile brings us wild amounts of joy. And we are daily praising God for "health and strength and daily bread." We are growing and learning and worshipping.

This is one of Sophia's very favorite activities these days:

And one more. I love her thoughtful little expressions.

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Momma S said...

We're sitting in bed laughing with joy at that beautiful little girl! Jumping and dancing! Hallelujah! Thank you so much for sharing - I can't wait to show the kids tomorrow.