06 August 2014

happy birthday

I am 35 today and I determine that I will live with my whole heart and all my guts. I will give myself fully to the work of the gospel, reconciling.

I will not live half-hearted or half-way. I will not keep quiet or keep peace when life and love are at stake.

I would rather laugh too loud, cry too hard, love too fully, stay up too late, believe too big than stop too soon, worry too wide, protect too much.

I want to wear bright colors, walk with people deep, give so generously, embrace so tight and with so much grace. I want to love truth and Jesus and salvation more than I love me, my way, and comfort. I want to cultivate and nurture and call out life.

I want to get things done, be an awesome follower and a humble, fearless leader, make things beautiful and see resurrection. Jesus is alive. He’s alive. 
On this I stake my life.


Christy said...

Happy Birthday Dear Anna! I've been thinking about you today and I hope that we can figure out a way/time to connect while I'm home for this year!
I hope you have an extraordinary day! :)


Ryan Anderson said...

That gave me goose bumps reading that little "Stake in the ground". Super blessed this mooring to meditate on those thoughts. Nadia and I miss you guys dearly. We miss the coffee and the scarfs. We miss the laughing and the hugs. And especially the home made pizza. And don't forget about the Ralf chair! You guys are encouraging to us in so many ways and you love Christ beautifully together. I'm sending all my love and prayers. And I will ask Nadia do the same. Can't wait until we see each other again. We will pray for little sophia and her development and heart. Tell David I said I love him. And I miss his songs. Ryan Anderson for the Anderson family... Oh! And happy Late BIRTHDAY SWEET LADY!!

Mana said...

I am super thankful for your life and your heart! Jesus shines in and through you, and I am so grateful I get to be a part of your life!

Happy birthday, sweet friend!