20 August 2007

Križ (pronounce Kree sh)(means Cross)

Absolutely wonderful. Really. Križ, our two-year theological school, is off to a beautiful start. On the last evening Benjamin Hlastin, a Slovene man who was teaching said, "I could die happy now." He's dreamed of maturing, Christian Slovenes for years. And here they are!! Let me present the first official class of Križ:Along with morning and evening class, we....
drank lots of coffee
watched incredible sunsets
ate good Slovene meals at the gostilna
we played hearts, hearts, and more hearts
sang some songs
talked long and deep
explored questions and learned to ask more
spoke Scripture to one another
hung in the hammock
celebrated three birthdays (Sebastian, me, Katka!)
quoted Nacho Libre
and totally enjoyed being together.I've realized some insecurity I have in ministry and it was really good to deal with some of that. Ephesians talks about identity and roles. Also, in studying John, I've got a renewed and clearer picture of Jesus. He is amazing. And I'm drawn again into knowing him more deeply.

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