14 July 2008

camp report

Well, camp was great. That's the short answer :)

Before I left, I wrote posts to automatically appear each day while we were at Bled. When I looked back at what I'd written, I was thrilled to see how God was answering those specific requests at those times! Teaching an English class was a highlight for me. I was with a really cute group of girls.

A few nights ago we had a camp reunion party at the Jackson's house. All the kids from camp (except for three who had left for family vacation) showed up! We played Viking, did the camp dance, played 4-square and passed out awards. So much fun! They are a most peculiar, varied, energetic, sweet group of 13-year-olds.


BK said...

I can't imagine the weirdness of this being your last camp before you move. i'll be praying that you would thoroughly enjoy and absorb all the beautiful people, the beautiful place, and the beautiful memories of these past years as you remember all that He has done! I'm looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!

Sarah said...

"peculiar, varied, energetic, sweet...13 year old." exactly. love them.