19 July 2008

today is the 19th

i'll leave slovenia in six days. i feel a little disconnected, half like a plastic version of me walking through the days. i wish i wasn't like this, but i sort of feel like i'm watching myself say goodbye. it all feels a little surreal. how do you say goodbye? how do you leave a home? will i be back? what can i dream of?
i've been writing. i've been eating ice cream at the park. i've been listening to music. i've been drinking coffee with dear friends. a lot. i've been looking at photographs and making presents. i've been wishing i could cry. i've been buying plane tickets. i've been taking old clothes to the red cross and buying wine glasses to replace the ones broken. i've been staying awake at night. i've been wishing the days were longer and the time was shorter. this is getting harder all the time.


Anonymous said...

i love you anna. -jp

christinastanton said...

yes. i know. :)

Mišo said...

i loved your speech at church today, you were funny and serious, you did great, i am going to miss you! a lot

C and G said...

how is it that the things that are so right to do are soooooo hard . . . praying for you as you say goodbye.

Connie said...

Just a few days left now...at least I can write you while you're still on this side of the ocean! I will miss you...miss knowing you're down there in Ljubljana, miss your stories of the girls there, miss you at conference, miss you in Claire's life.

But! There will be new stories and new ways God will lead you. I look forward to hearing about those! You'll keep writing on your blog, right??!!

Love you, Connie