20 January 2010

ธนากร แสนโซ้ง

This is a sweet email from David's friend, Jeng. They met while David was on a mission trip in Thailand.
Very very very very Happy to hear from You...

I love you friend
Wow.... that is good new ...
Conglatulation! for new family
you are getting married on January 30th 2010

I want to see you on wedding day and take photo with you ..
but.... I don't know How to go to there ...????
I will try swim go to there with my wife ....ha ha ha h aaaaaaaaaaaaa
I hope God will lead us to meet again

Tell Anna your girlfriend I want to tell her
"God give the best boyfriend for you
please,Love and take care his a lot ..." ha ha ha

God bless you

The day the your wedding That is Good day for your both life..

ps. Don't forget send some wedding photo for me ..