16 January 2008

the bad guy, the good guy.

I just saw a movie and now I can't go to bed. I'm scared. When I got home I checked all the hiding places in our house for bad guys. There aren't any here...but I'm still scared. It shook me up. It shook me up because it was about a good kid. His family thought he was good. His friends thought he was good: "They shouldn't send heros to places like Iraq." He probably thought he was good, too. Then, there was the crisis--stop and put all his buddies in danger or run over a small child. He was good and then he killed a child, on purpose.

He cried about it. And after that it wasn't the same. He couldn't be normal. All his buddies faced similar situations. They "dealt with it." Because "it's normal."

But it wasn't normal at all. All these people ended up dying, killing themselves and each other, sorta on accident. Is that normal? Maybe, I guess so. Survival of the fittest, huh? Life is like that. It's not as blatant usually. But it's like that--at school, in line at the post office, with my family, wherever. Maybe you started off heroic. But we're in places like Iraq--all of us. All the time.

"Sin is crouching at your door. It desires to have you." That's danger. And you get caught in some situation. You didn't know sin was crouching next to you. And you do something bad, almost on accident. Kinda. And then you get stuck, you've got to deal with it. And then it's not someone else that's the enemy, it's you. Like your body turns against you or something. Suddenly you've turned on yourself. That's why I'm scared coming home. That's why I got shook up, because I wondered if I was looking for myself. Talk about the creeps.

Ahhh. But that's not the end
. Because, finally, Jesus died. And I know that. Good thing. Now, my competing can end. The cycle can stop. And then Jesus came back to life. Death, sin, stuckness has been conquered. There is hope.
Sin can be mastered.
(I wish I knew this all the time.)

And now, I can go to bed.


Ian said...

Anna you are one of my favorite bloggers!

Valentyna said...


It's exactly how i feel after movies like that. Tell me what movie was it?
Sounds interesting.

P.S. are you in the States?