03 January 2008

january 3

it was a fun day.
i fiiiiiiiiinally got my Christmas packages from my dad and mom. they were tragically STUCK in the post office over the holiday. we had an opening-presents-party over the phone. here's a picture of me in a new apron, on the phone, waving a new whisk. lovely, huh?

the hakalas and i went out to Joe Peña's (Mexican) for dinner. then we sat and talked til 10:55pm. it was wonderful.

i got home and parked my cute, red car. i think i'm a pretty good parallel parker.

sometimes i get in this big artistic/photographer mood when it's late. i really don't like using the flash, so it doesn't always work out so well. whatever.

also, it snowed, i bought a shirt for 2€, i got to pray with kindra and i drank tea in the morning. that's cool.

now good


Neja said...

A shirt for 2€? That's pretty sweet! Where the heck did you get it?

Ian said...

hey nice car!