11 January 2008

i'm going skiing

...and i get to take lessons with the 3-year-olds!!!

Looking forward to lots of bathroom breaks, getting tangled in skis, and miška, slon, miška, slon.... (In English that means mouse, elephant, mouse, elephant. I hear it's a crucial part of the learning-to-ski process. I'm not yet sure WHAT part.)

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I'll be in Mariborsko Pohorje with Mana's family. I cannot wait! If you're a friend of mine who prays for me, will you pray for peace and strength and safety?


Julie Brown said...

praying that time with mana's family is great!

Neja said...

How did the miška slon thing go? Waiting for the report!! :)

erin t. said...

i miss you.

erin t. said...

i miss you.