23 June 2008

a man on stilts was walking down my street today.

That was strange. Kinda creepy, actually. I wanted to take a picture, but I got the yeeks and started walking really fast. What in the world was he doing??

This was also a little surprising. We were advertising for camps in Mateja's village. When we got done some kids invited us outside for a little party. Accordian and polka in Kamnik! Yipee!! Click here to see David & Katka's blog for more of the story.

Camp teams come tomorrow!!


Neja said...

hehehe! Hope Mateja and Urša won't notice you said Kamnik's a village! :) So when will you play some accordian to us Anna?

sashwee said...

Stop and see us on the way home. Well, we're the least of it. Come to the Holy Land on the way home.