22 June 2008

a shorter version of Slovenia Note #45

The vision of Josiah Venture is to see a movement of God among young leaders in Eastern Europe that finds its home in the church and transforms society. Four years ago, I was invited to move to Slovenia because there was not an evangelistic community of young people. The apologeticist Ravi Zacharias has talked about the greatest evangel of the 21st century being a worshiping community. Over the past four years, we’ve experienced that here in Slovenia. For my friend Mateja, one of the most convincing influences was seeing Christians love one another at an English camp.

Our worshiping community has seen an increasing number of new births! As these new believers grow, our group is maturing, developing and beginning to reproduce. These Slovene brothers and sisters are wonderful—and naturally fit for this ministry! :) They understand culture and language and relationships so much better than I ever could over here! And they are obviously gifted by God. It is so fun to watch them!

And so, once again, it has become a time for transition. After a lot of thought, prayer and conversations, I’ve decided that it is time for me to leave the ministry in Slovenia. I don’t have a specific place that I plan to go or a specific task that I’m stepping into. But greater than any of that, I feel a sense of God’s peace as I walk forward into an unknown future.

I plan to stay in Slovenia through English camps and fly back to Portland on July 25th. After that, I really don't know what to expect. That's exciting and scary! Quite an adventure! :)

Here goes!!!


steps said...

How about apologist? That's my best guess.
Love you!

Jeana said...

How exciting to see the vision fulfilled! I'm looking forward to seeing where God takes you next.

The Stagers said...

Hi! We hope we get to see you in Slo before you leave. We are praying for you and the next step.
with lots of love,
Anna & Steve