01 May 2012

oatmeal bread

This has been slowly becoming a part of my weekly routine. For us it's perfect because although it's slightly sweet, it can also be used with soup. The more often I make it, the easier it gets--not many ingredients, the KitchenAid does most of the work and it's yummy! I'm sure my recipe will sound awkward to people who really know about bread baking, but this is all still new-ish for me :)

Combine in mixer:
   1 c quick oats
   1/2 c whole wheat flour
   1/2 c brown sugar
   1 T table salt
   2 T butter
Pour over:
   2 c boiling water
Stir to combine. Dissolve:
   1 T or 1 pkg yeast in
   1/2 c warm water
Let it just sit there for awhile until the batter is no longer hot, add yeast solution. Stir in:
   2 c wheat flour
   3 c white flour (reserve about half c of this to mix in as needed, depending on conditions)
   3 T flax seed
Knead with dough hook in mixer for 5 min, adding reserved flour as needed so dough sticks to bottom, but also forms a ball. Scrape into a ball in the middle of bowl, cover with towel, let rise until doubled. Dump onto clean surface, form into a ball, cut in half and kneed lightly, using either flour OR water to keep hands and surface from getting dough-y. Shape into two loaves (rounds or greased bread pan). Let rise til doubled again. Bake @ 350 for 30-40 min. Cool on rack. Use or freeze.

Adapted from More-With-Less Cookbook.


Mamarich said...

Yum1 Our KitchenAid and I have to give this a try. :)

Liz said...

Can I have some when I come? :)

Anna Beth said...


Liz said...

Thank you. It was yummy! But I don't have a Kitchen Aid. I may just have to WORK! :)