30 May 2012

rather make than buy: laundry soap

      1 1/2 c Borax
      1 1/2 c Super Washing Soda
      1 bar soap

Whirl it up in a food processor or finely grate bar soap and combine in a jar. I usually do a double batch, keep it with a 1/4 c measure and use 2 T (about half of your 1/4 c measure) for a load of laundry.

Personal preferences:
  • I often put in the soap, let the washer start to fill and swirl it around til it's dissolved before I add my laundry. 
  • A sprig of rosemary, lemon verbena or a few drops of essential oil will add a light scent.
  • I've used both Fels-Naptha and some fancy soap from Trader Joes. It's really up to personal preference. I didn't notice a difference in my laundry.


Liz said...

So is it worth it? How many loads for how much $$? Do you have soft water? I think you do. I'm wondering if it would work with our hard water...maybe I could get a small sample? :)

Anna Beth said...

This is a really rough calculation/estimate. I think it's about 5 cents/load (using Fels-Naptha to do the math). I think. And I think our water is medium. Not really soft, but not hard either. You can definitely have a sample :) Maybe part of the reason that I feel like it's so cheap is that I so rarely have to buy the ingredients and when I do it's always just one of the parts and none of them are more than $4.

The only problem I'm having with the laundry situation here is that I'm frustrated about our whites getting dingy. I'm not sure if it has to do with the soap or the water or our grimy bodies or what. I've tried vinegar, ammonia, bleach and bluing. Any other ideas?