18 May 2012

almond citrus cookies

These are good. Perfect for the spring time.
Some people make them as Lemon Crinkle Cookies, I was missing some stuff and added some other stuff, so in our house (at least for now) they are the one and only Burnham Almond Citrus Cookies.

Cream together:
     1 c salted butter
     2 c sugar
Whip in:
     1 t vanilla
     1/2 t almond extract
     2 eggs
     2 t citrus zest
     2 T lemon juice
Pile these ingredients on top of batter:
     3 c flour
     1/2 t salt
     1/2 t baking powder
     1/4 t baking soda
Flop around dry ingredients a little bit with fingers to make sure it'll all get mixed in when you combine everything. Combine everything. Scoop teaspoon size (really--teaspoon) lumps of the wettish batter into a 
     bowl of powdered sugar
and roll to cover. Place on prepared cookie sheet. Lightly press a
     dry, roasted almond
into the top. Bake at 350* for 9-11 minutes, til cookies appear matte. Enjoy!

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