02 April 2013

sarah is thirty!

Three of my favorite people are turning 30 this year.

Today, April 2, is the day to celebrate Sarah Beth Stepanian.
Sarah, I'd like to tell you thirty things that I see and love about you:

-you make breakfast for your family
-you make lunch for your family
-you make dinner for your family
-every day
-you feed your baby
-and you teach your children how to sleep and you train them in heart-ful obedience
-and you taught me how to teach my baby to sleep
-you love your husband
-you respect your husband and train yourself to follow his leadership
-from the very beginning, you dove into the Stepanian family (which I can't imagine was always a breeze) (yikes!)

-you have made yourself a sister to me
-you enjoy Luke's little personality
-you rejoice as Jack grows and you treasure his sensitivity and his boy-ness
-you nurture and delight and share with your firstborn daughter
-you have born aNOTHER beautiful little girl
-you let your kids cut things with real knives
-you don't try to stop your husband from being a man
-you've always liked the name David and you've always been a fan of David. He's always known this from you and that's been a gift.

-you are a learner
-and a writer. You express things with such honesty and truth.

-you really see into things and people and situations.
-you have a beautiful laugh
-you are a thankful woman

-you settle accounts
-you send letters and remember people
-your hair is a wonder
-you make super good cookies
-Sarah, you are masterful at relationships.
-you take good care of your body
-you are very thoughtful about how you go about following God and growing in him. And in your connection with him, Sarah, your life bears much fruit.

You, Sarah, are a strong woman with a tender heart. An adventurer. A rich mother. A honoring daughter. A beautiful wife. A woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Wo-hooo! We think you're awesome!


Momma S said...

holy moly - talk about a Birthday present for someone who loves words of encouragement?! thank you, dear anna. i am blessed by you.

Liz said...

Woo hoo I am in wholehearted agreement!