02 April 2013

nine months

It's been about one year now since we first heard about the possibility of the possibility of the possibility of these unexpected turns, which have been... wow...hard. And I would say with most certainty--that we are thriving in the Lord's good care.

This is one happy, sensitive, worshipping, gentle little girl. Ready to talk, but only when there is space in the conversation--

One of our many treks to the hospital. David packs the car, I prepare Sophia. We know when to talk and when to listen to music and when to start praying. The drives to and from St Vincent's have become a special family time.

Sophia has officially joined us for dinner!

Oodles of fun with the space blanket!

Not interested in showing off her first two up-and-coming teeth.

But very interested in spending time with Daddy.

And good night.

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Liz said...

We love this little girl and her parents!