23 December 2006

free cookies, fireworks, baby Jesus

Mateja and I got to plan the Christmas party for our youth group. She lives in one of the nearby villages--Kamnik--and we had the party at her house.One of the highlights of the evening? We bundled up and walked around the downtown area, passing out free cookies and hot chocolate. I think it made people suprised, warm and happy!

When we got home, her dad did an incredible firework show for us!!! (I'm bummed that John missed this show by just two days!) (These are not the kind of fireworks they sell at the 4th of July stands.)

After we got warmed up, we acted out the story of Jesus' birth! Everyone had a part and we all got to sing plenty of Christmas carols. Do you see the shepherds and the sheep? She's a happy little lamb. Can you see the great multitude of heavenly hosts? They had some nice coreography.

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