14 December 2006


Feel free to take your time, but for the integrity of the results, please answer honestly.

What costume are you most likely to wear while doing household chores?
A. Jeans and a t-shirt
B. Jack Sparrow costume
C. Pink mumu (or is it moomoo?) (I honestly don't know)

What would you risk for clean windows?
A. Nothing
B. One limb
C. Life and limb


Krista said...

Alright, I would wear a pink mooomoooooo and would risk only a limb for the windows. But wearing the moomoo while risking a limb to clean the windows outside, is a definate NO WAY.

christinastanton said...

Ok, What in the world?? Weird lives we live my friend....Weird lives...

Connie said...

Hi Anna! I love checking in on your blog. You write some of the funnest things! Okay...I know "funnest" isn't really a word, but it works to describe your writing.
As for the mumu (or however you spell it!) - NO WAY! I would not wear it while outside, I would not wear it for a ride, no mumu would I wear to clean, no mumu would I let be seen! Ha!
Love you! Connie

Mama/Liz said...

Aunt Ann says "muumuu" because Grandma had it in a crossword yesterday.