23 October 2007

christmas already?!?!

Christina and I were thinking about all the people that we see all the time in our neighborhood. There's a lot of them: the people upstairs, the people downstairs, the people on our floor. The new mom, the drunk guy, the fruit guy and his brother, the bread lady that looks sad, the snobby lady, the old man that Christina thinks is an angel, the Čajna Hiša man, the couple that run the Mom & Pop store. I don't think I've ever had more than a 5 minute conversation with any of them, but I see them every week. Why don't we have a party and invite them all?

We stayed up late planning our party. The guest list has sixty people on it... our house isn't that big... but man, are we enthusiastic! We'll see. Why not try, huh? :)


Ian said...


With every post i am more impresed!
Changes changes!
One of my favourite things right now is watching you two rocking up ljubljana! I still think the fruit guy is funny!

see ya soon!

Sarah said...

i wanna come! what fun!

Valentyna said...

Girl, i enjoyed your blog a lot! Idea with a party for your neighborhood is great! I don't know HOW BIG is your house, but i'm sure you'll find the way to make something nice for these people anyway!
I wish we spent more time at the conference together, but we catch up when we see each other next time, right?
Say hi to Christina!