20 October 2007


--the deliberate and systematic extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or cultural group (Dictionary.com)

The American government was moving towards an acknowledgment the Armenian Genocide (1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Young Turks, 1915-17). Turkey reminded the US that it's not good timing, threatening to make our efforts in Iraq more difficult. The United States has caved to the pressure. That's it. A loud noise and silence. More loud silence.

I've been troubled, angry, confused, sorrowful, deeply pained and silent as I've been researching and reflecting on the Armenian genocide. My cousin, Greg, pointed out that victims of violent crime need people to listen and respond with outrage. Will this ever happen for the Armenian people?

Three aspects that are plaguing me:
  • The Armenian Genocide happened to us.
  • Currently, most Armenians side-step it or live in hatred and bitterness. Remembering the Genocide is a huge part of our national identity. Is there more?
  • Turkish government is set on covering up reality.
I'm so upset by all of this. And I can't figure out what to do about it.
Where is the voice of justice?
Where it the voice of peace?


Sarah said...

anna...what has led you to be thinking about these things recently? anything in particular? thanks for sharing...

Anna Beth said...

i guess because it was in the news--the deal about if america should recognize it as genocide.

and it seems like i think about it every few years, but it usually moves to the back burner after awhile (i kind of like to ignore big stuff sometimes...). it's pretty significant, but easy to not think about. i've spent a lot of time praying.

i'm still not sure what my next steps will be...

amy lineburg said...

I spent some time in August working on a team with an Armenian guy from Argentina. His family fled Europe because of the genocide. It is a real, horrific part of history, and it seems the world wants to look the other way, because the players are still so powerful. May God have mercy on us Christians who supposedly wield so much political sway these days...and to what end?

I'll pray that God gives you some insight. I know that it might not make the difference we want, but there are people in the State Dept, and other parts of the gov't. who read and respond to letters. I had a friend who dialogued with someone in authority in the State Dept over some policies the US has towards Peru. It may not have made a difference (yet), but it was a real conversation. Just one idea.

The Armenian diaspora and all others affected by genocide need to hear our voices like you said. Let me know if you figure anything out that I can be a part of.