29 October 2007

we have a Nina Joy!

Sarah and John had
Nina Joy Stepanian
at 3:57 am
27 October 2007
8 pounds, 7 ounces
21.5 inches


Neja said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooooh SHE'S SOOOOOO CUUUTE!!!!

Mišo said...

She's so cute

Alison said...

She is beautiful.

Urša said...

Ohhhh congratulations to happy parents a of course to her new aunt (and grand parents)!

She's super cute.

C and G said...

Congrats Auntie Anna!

Amy Woodard said...

Oh! My! Goodness! What a dollie! I am so happy for your whole family and what a great name!

amy lineburg said...

Congratulations Auntie Anna! She is SO SO SO cute!! I can just imagine how fun she is to hang out with. Do you guys get to webcam much? It's been fun trying to keep up with my 21 month old niece that way. Blessings from Peru!

sashwee said...

Gosh! How did I miss this? I've been stopping by. Congratulations to the family, what a beautiful new addition. Beautiful baby and beautiful name.

beccafredo said...

Happy Aunt-ing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna for the beautiful pictures. Your Mom sent me email, but it is impossible to print without cutting somebody off. NJ is so beautiful.

Happy making auntie for you!!

Love Auntie Weesie!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool, my name is Nina Joy, too and I was born 4/7/97 at 3:52 am. My mom is named Sarah, too. What a coincidence!

nina said...

my name is Nina Joy as well, but i am now 20 :)
congrates, you have a very cute baby.